When Obama Endorsed Marriage Equality

... we all partied. With .gifs.

When Obama endorsed marriage equality…

… after all the ORANGE MOCHA FRAPUCCINOS, after Twitter & Tumblr dropped it like it’s hotafter Michelle Obama gave us a thumbs up, after NPH & Elmo danced it up, after wedding planners freaked the eff out, after Barackness Monster danced all over the White House, after we did the Carlton at work

… all I had left to say was:

Thank you to everyone who stopped by, followed, reblogged, tweeted, Facebooked, etc. You are all awesome. This has been an absolute blast. But all amazing parties (on this Tumblr, at least) must come to an end… 

Now, we have some work to do:

- Stand with President Obama here

- Learn what else President Obama has done to support full equality for LGBT Americans here

- The White House LGBT page

- Donate here

- Learn about different states’ LGBT policies here

- Find your local representatives and find out if they support LGBT rights


- Ben